Irena Pivka is artist, scenographer and architect.

Irena-Pivka FOTOIrena-Pivka FOTOIrena-Pivka FOTO

Irena Pivka, new media artist, architect, scenographer are working together with Brane Zorman on a series of collaborative projects. Working through different backgrounds, they connect digital electroacoustic creativity with space, listening to works in situ, thus constituting a critical relation toward public space and contemporary social environment.  In recent years, they have been focusing their common artistic expressions on the preparations of sound-walk performances (2.walk, Garden walk, Walk the city, FFF…), which, by means of transmission tools and sound pictures, through walking and listening establish space a new and reflect social reality.

They founded CONA, the Institute for Contemporary Art Processing, which produces Steklenik, gallery for sound bioacoustic and art and the radioCona (radioZone) radio art project which occasionally seizes the public space of radio frequencies.