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Zemljanka Gaja / Earthling Gaia

sound walk performance along Cerknica lake for teenagers and adults

Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: Earthlink Gaia

commissin work for KD Cerknica, premiere: Wednesday, August 25 2021

Earthling Gaia is a performance which through sound, walking and the inclusion of space aims at the sensibilization of young people and the promotion of outdoor activities. In addition to experiencing and reflecting on the ecology, it prompts the development of mindfulness.

From an indoor site, such as a theatre, cinema or gallery, the performance invites us outdoors, in the nature. A forest as a stage, and the audience trading comfortable chairs for walking shoes and heading off to the performance.

Some locations along the way are natural venues – natural auditoriums complete with architecturally superb observations posts, offering magnificent views of the landscape which intoxicates with its beauty and triggers imagination by constantly changing. We can imagine looking into the future, exploring possible scenarios for the days to come.

A dystopian story of Earthling Gaia recounts a possible future of the Lake Cerknica area. We experience the sound performance while walking a selected part of the Drvošec trail. We stop at the observation posts, observe the lake, experience the forest and, above all, listen. Earthling Gaia, a girl as a metaphor and the main character of the performance, will speculate on a potential scenario of the future of our overstrained planet which indisputably dictates the development of the local landscape.

Artists: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman

Text: Irena Pivka

Music compositin: Brane Zorman

Voices: Nada Vadušek, Anu Pivka
Translation and editing: Melita Silič
Cover photo: Irena Pivka
Illustration: Jovana Djukić
Production: Cerknica Culture House, 2021
In collaboration: Cona, Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing


Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: Sandbox (Geolocation newmedia performans ) commissin work for A_DELA festival, production Ljudmila, coproduction Cona

premiere: 25, 26 Aug 2020.
Loction: Vilharjeva cesta (close to railways), Ljubljana Slovenia

Meditative experience, wakefulness training and encouragement to critically thinking about our experience and (re)evaluation of the surrounding environment.

A walk along the railway tracks, with the help of an app and headphones, leads a viewer, a wanderer and an eavesdropper into a performative space. The work was created during the time of the epidemic when all public life had come to a standstill. As a result, the thick layer of the all-encompassing and constant noise disappeared, the existence of which we only really became aware of once it was gone. The authors captured this period, marked by weeks of silence and the gradual return of noise, with their recording equipment, walked paths and by discovering local microspaces. The result of their research is the existent locative performance, which, through the absence of noise, tells a tale of a future space. By using geolocation tools, the performance reflects on an experiential experience of landscape and sound and, in these complicated times, brings forth thoughts about the potential of a degraded space from the perspective of a society incapable of dialogue. The latter is using its last atoms of strength to depict dominance over the planet, while plants on the other side are blossoming, intertwining and even consoling, soothing, silencing and covering the all-pervasive species. The rhythm of walking, listening-in to the transitional space, a path that leads away from the overburdened city, and of listening to the degraded, waiting spaces, which are being taken back by nature, form the stance of this period of time … before it ends.

The authors have developed the work with the help of the geolocation tool ECHOES, developed by Echoes Lab. More than 30 geolocation points, connected by sound files and in combination with the available navigation tools, form the subtle dramaturgy of the overall acoustic image of the work Sandbox at a specific location.


Peskovnik/Sandbox is a location-bound sound performance, which you can also experience individually. For an individual experience, you need a smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system, the app Echoes (download it free from Google Play or the Apple Store) and quality headphones.

In the pre-installed app Echoes on your phone find the work Peskovnik/Sandbox and head out to the starting point (the area north of the tracks at Ljubljana’s railway station), precisely marked on the map and at the location itself. The geolocative performance can be experienced in real-time (by using your mobile data plan), or you can pre-download the whole project to your phone.

Once you are at the location, physically follow the path and points marked on the map. We suggest that you study the path, which is otherwise simple enough before you head out, because we discourage you from looking at your phone screen while you are taking the stroll (also due to some uneven terrain). Rather, focus on listening to the soundscape and observing your surroundings.

Production: Društvo Ljudmila, laboratorij za znanost in umetnost, Zavod Cona, NOVARS
Coproduction: CONA Institute, NOVARS Research centre – University of Manchester, ECHOES
Thanks: Josh Kopeček, Ricardo Climent
Voice interpretation: Irena Pivka (SI)
Voice interpretation: Jana Wilcoxen (EN)
Translation: Katja Kosi
Sound composition: Brane Zorman


Start: 02/05 08:00 UTC+1

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 19.4.2020

Link to composition:

Text about the work:

I am walking through the emptied city surrounded by the invisible noose of the quarantine. The morning bustle of the city is suspended. Quiet streets, silent squares, lone crossroads of interrupted paths, uncertain future.Through this gift of time we have been given and which has been pulling us away from the over stressed, frightened society, the potential of free time has been opened up. To decide to be alone and remain focused. The steps echoing in the silent urban landscape. Walking as solace. A peaceful morning walk. I listen to the noises of the city, to the river’s waves, the birds in the sky, the rustling of the leaves in the morning breeze … before the restless day ahead of me starts.

Commissioned work for Cona and Soundcamp 2020

Potepini / Wanderers

Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: Wanderers
newmedia performance (6+) (45min)
Produkcija: Lutkovno gledališče Maribor
Koprodkcija: CONA  | Zavod za procesiranje sodobne umetnosti zavod 2019

Wanderers are invited to walk the path along the Drava River, this time equipped with headphones and mobile app. The wander becomes a multimedia performance and a sound walk, which the spectator takes on a pre-delineated path. Wanderers are children and adults, families, who with help of sound images, imprinted into the location of the delineated path, traverse between fictive and real situations. The unique sound experience connects us with our environment in a new way and reminds us why it is so important to walk.

Text and event space: Irena Pivka
Sound composition: Brane Zorman
Voices: Metka Jurc, Danilo Trstenjak in Jonas Jerman (SLO)
Proofreader for Slovene language: Metka Damjan
Slovene: Metka Jurc, Danilo Trstenjak, Jonas Jerman
English: Marko Jakopanec, Amy Bordon, Daša Solomon
German: Uroš Kaurin, Katarina Klančnik Kocutar, Ana Hlebič
Translators: Urban Belina (English) in Urška P. Černe (German)
Author of the illustrated map Darka Erdelji
Sound recording: Marko Jakopanec
Production: Lutkovno gledališče Maribor
Coproduction: CONA | Zavod za procesiranje sodobne umetnosti


27.10. – 10.12.2017
Friday, 27.October at 17.30 and 18.15
e_city Ljubljana Apollonia
Strasbourg, Robertsau
Meeting at Apollonia venue – 23 rue Boecklin, Strasbourg

GardenWALK is a sustainable, locative sound walk performance, taking place along the streets of Strasbourg, Robertsau. It invites a visitor to relive the future impact of the planned Apollonia community garden to the immediate surroundings of district and its community.

An integral part of the project is a sound map with circular path which the visitor walks within the project. The beginning of this 1.6km long route and duration of 30minutes is at the Apollonia Garden, end of the rout is in Lieu de Europe Parc Henri.

Through the subtile sound inserts of the shared garden urban landscape sound and the sound scape transformation with vision of potentional possibilities, the sound walk performance sensitize public to experience the Robertsau quarter. Garden and gardening in this project is a metaphor for rethinking and re-cultivation of urban landscape changes in local society.

Sound design: Brane Zorman
Text and path: Irena Pivka
Spekers: Irena Pivka, Suzana Koncut, Viktorija Osolnik Kunc
English translation : Urban Belina
French translation: Suzana Koncut
German translation: Viktorija Osolnik Kunc
Production: Apollonia – European Art Exchange, Strasbourg, France 2017
Co-production CONA, Ljubljana Slovenia, 2017

Ideal (M)other

Sound design: Damir Avdić
Text, dramaturgy: Pia Brezavšček
Text, acting: Barbara Krajnc Avdić
Choreography: Sinja Ožbolt
Light design: Andrej Reza Petrovčič
Space design and costumes: Irena Pivka
Professional associate: Mila Popović
Text, director: Saška Rakef
Professional associate: Nada Sekulić
Language editing: Tatjana Stanič
Production: ŠKUC Theatre. Co-production: City of Women. In cooperation with Bunker.



more about performance Ideal(Mo)other on City of Women site

hodi.TI / 2.walk

2.WALK is a locational multimedia performance taking place on city streets. It is designed as a sound walk, which the spectator takes on a pre-delineated path and follows it by means of a mobile app and headphones. With the help of sound images, imprinted into the location of the delineated path, she or he traverses between fictive and real situations. The performance intertwines narration and sound with space and path, and offers it thoroughly as experience. The sound image was made at the edges of the Ljubljanica River, taped by binaural and studio microphones.

When you are walking a safe, known city path, you find it hard to imagine that women in some parts of the world do not walk alone. That individual walking is connected with inappropriate, even illicit, behaviour. At this point, the mechanisms of control for safe walking of female individuals enter the picture, in the form of social regulations, which are, and will be in near future, strengthened by the apparatuses of power, control and capital. It is exactly these apparatuses that, now and here, are tailoring our everyday walking in safe areas. Walking becomes more time-constrained, regulated, precisely determined and directed.

Group, collective walking, as a revolt and conquering of space, is a reflection of political action. What about individual walking? Can walking, as a personal and conscious choice, be the power of an individual? An intervention into the existing social system. Is it radical to walk? Walking as a possible means of resistance, so much more so when time and space are taken by a woman, the woman who has socially and, consequently, self-regulating access to the time to walk.

link to video, by City of Women

Text and space: Irena Pivka,
Sound creation: Brane Zorman,
Interpreters: Irena Pivka, Petra Tanko, Igor Velše
Dramaturgic advice: Saška Rakef,
Text review: Suzana Koncut
Translation: Urban Belina
Mobile App: Vasja Progar
Production: CONA. Co-production: City of Women.

WALKING the Aphelion


WALKING the Aphelion delays and shifts the soundscape within the same location and the same transitioned path. It is focused on the spatial actualization of a place, while enhancing the awareness of the place through auditory experience.

The sound image was recorded with binaural microphones on the evening of July 4 2016, at the moment when the Earth reaches the point known as Aphelion – an extreme point in Earth’s rotation around Sun. The participants, equipped with headphones and a cellphone soundmap app, walk the same path at the same time of day the sound image was made with a time delay. The length of the delay is equal to a quarter of Earth’s rotation – just after autumnal equinox.

In Janury 2017 we will produce soundwalk sequel: WALKING the Perhihelion. It will be recorded at the time when Earth reaches the opposition extreme point on its rotation around the Sun.

These soundwalks will form a pair to cyclic listening on the same spot where binaural recordings were recorded or as a pair on a remote location.

Soundwalks WALKING the Aphelion and WALKING the Perhihelion were recorded in the main city Tivoli Park, Ljubljana in order to research preception of a city park as an urban sonic ecology landscape within different time frames listenings.


HODITI odsončje (Afelij) zamika in premešča zvočno krajino znotraj iste lokacije in iste prehojene poti. Osredotoča se na prostorsko uresničitev kraja, ki ga preko slušne izkušnje na novo ozavesti.

Zvočna slika je bila posneta z binauralnimi mikrofoni, 4. julija 2016 zvečer, ko zemlja prispe na točko imenovano odsončje (Afelij), to je skrajna točka Zemlje na tirnici okoli Sonca. Udeleženec, opremljen s slušalkami in aplikacijo zvočni zemljevid na mobilnem telefonu, obhodi isto pot ob istem dnevnem času nastanka izvorne zvočne slike, a v časovnem zamiku. Dolžina zamika je četrtine zemljine tirnice – malo po jesenskem enakonočju.

V januarju 2017 bomo pripravili HODITI prisončje (Perihelij) in hkrati ponudili v posluh poletni zvočni sprehod. Tako bosta dva zvočna sprehoda namenjena cikličnemu poslušanju: zimski poleti in poletni pozimi.

avtorja: Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman
radioCona aplikacija: Vasja progar
produkcija CONA, 2016

From Švicarija to Bellevue

On 18th July 2016 Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman dedicated their two short early morning sound walks to the #WLD2016 event focusing on Sounds Lost and Found.

We have used binaural in-ear microphones to record sounds at two very different locations in two different states: one was in park Tivoli in Ljubljana, Slovenia while the other was on the island of Molat in Croatia. At both locations we walked between two formerly important social places, located away from the centre, in the park and in a garden.

All objects (starting and ending points of both soundwalks) have been officially closed for a number of years and the facilities have declined. All of them have been closed due to recent historical, political and economical changes. Following the years of closure they have been attempts to revive these locations but it seems that the social interests have shifted in a different direction.

By connecting two locations in two different towns we highlighted the broken paths and connected the locations from our not so distant memories.