Start: 02/05 08:00 UTC+1

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 19.4.2020

Link to composition:

Text about the work:

I am walking through the emptied city surrounded by the invisible noose of the quarantine. The morning bustle of the city is suspended. Quiet streets, silent squares, lone crossroads of interrupted paths, uncertain future.Through this gift of time we have been given and which has been pulling us away from the over stressed, frightened society, the potential of free time has been opened up. To decide to be alone and remain focused. The steps echoing in the silent urban landscape. Walking as solace. A peaceful morning walk. I listen to the noises of the city, to the river’s waves, the birds in the sky, the rustling of the leaves in the morning breeze … before the restless day ahead of me starts.

Commissioned work for Cona and Soundcamp 2020