27.10. – 10.12.2017
Friday, 27.October at 17.30 and 18.15
e_city Ljubljana Apollonia
Strasbourg, Robertsau
Meeting at Apollonia venue – 23 rue Boecklin, Strasbourg

GardenWALK is a sustainable, locative sound walk performance, taking place along the streets of Strasbourg, Robertsau. It invites a visitor to relive the future impact of the planned Apollonia community garden to the immediate surroundings of district and its community.

An integral part of the project is a sound map with circular path which the visitor walks within the project. The beginning of this 1.6km long route and duration of 30minutes is at the Apollonia Garden, end of the rout is in Lieu de Europe Parc Henri.

Through the subtile sound inserts of the shared garden urban landscape sound and the sound scape transformation with vision of potentional possibilities, the sound walk performance sensitize public to experience the Robertsau quarter. Garden and gardening in this project is a metaphor for rethinking and re-cultivation of urban landscape changes in local society.

Sound design: Brane Zorman
Text and path: Irena Pivka
Spekers: Irena Pivka, Suzana Koncut, Viktorija Osolnik Kunc
English translation : Urban Belina
French translation: Suzana Koncut
German translation: Viktorija Osolnik Kunc
Production: Apollonia – European Art Exchange, Strasbourg, France 2017
Co-production CONA, Ljubljana Slovenia, 2017