Krhanje lepote

directed by: Saška Rakef
dramaturgy and production: Klavdija Zupan
performers: Barbara Krajnc Avdić, Uroš Maček
sound cloud concept: Alenja Pivko Kneževič, Simon Penšek
scenography and costume design: Irena Pivka
lighting design: Janko Oven
Krhanje_2 Krhanje_3 Krhanje_4Krhanje_1

Isn’t it amazing how one little self-absorbed creature that must always be the first fed, the first put in dry diapers, the first to be loved, becomes a man who sincerely cares for another man?

Abrasion of Beauty is the story of the collapse of the community. It is the story of the (virtual)-dependency of the struggle for power and the struggle for survival. The story of manipulation. And about that “consciousness and responsibility,” which are born too late. And last but not least, it is a reflection of the human. Human as a basic part of the Community (and its policies). Human as adversarial entity, which is on one hand defined by the need for power, egoism, total supremacy; and on the other by the need for belonging, security, acceptance, and love.

If the law does not regulate terms of the survival, but more or less the power of the players — is in this case, the struggle for power equated with the struggle for survival and justifies any form of coercion, including war and destruction?

production: Cona
coproduction: Cankarjev dom, AGRFT,Društvo Celinka
financial support: Ministry of culture, Municipality of Ljubljana